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European Aluminium

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Europe has emerged as the world’s largest manufacturing base for the aluminium industry owing to large production capacities across the Western European countries. The primary aluminium production in Western Europe increased around 7% in 2008 over 2007, and increased around 5% in Eastern and Central Europe, taking the primary aluminium production in Europe to over 8 Million Metric Tons.

Our new research report “European Aluminium Market Analysis” has found that the performance of aluminium producers varies dramatically across the European region. Majority of the producer are looking towards Eastern European countries for setting up their manufacturing base due to low cost of production and availability of cheap labor. High energy prices in Western Europe have left aluminium companies with no other option but to shift to low cost countries such as Russia where labor and energy are available at lower cost.

Our research has also found that the industry is presently witnessing downturn on account of the global recession that has taken toll on two important aluminium consumers – automobile and construction industry. The current situation is likely to continue until mid 2010 when there will be some ease in the global economic environment. A steep rebound in the industry is expected by the end of 2010 on the back of government stimulus packages, improving macroeconomic environment and gaining consumer confidence.

“European Aluminium Market Analysis” provides extensive research and rational analysis of the European aluminium industry and its various segments like primary and secondary aluminium production, aluminium production and consumption. The report also contains information about changing dynamics of the aluminium industry in key European countries, with focus on present and future market trends to give a clear picture of how the industry will progress in coming years. It also studies forces that have been supporting growth in the aluminium industry along with strategic insight into the functional areas of key players.

Read more: http://www.reportlinker.com/p089500/European-Aluminium-Market-Analysis.html#ixzz1FsdgyZam
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